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Educational centre in the Municipal library in Polička

Preparation for entrance exams at the secondary schools from Czech and Maths
a) For pupils of 9th form of elementary schools for all types of secondary schools
b) For pupils of 5th form of elementary schools

English for beginners
English for intermediate students
English for advanced students
English for advanced students – conversational course

German for beginners
German for intermediate students
German for advanced students– conversational course

Sewing and cutting for beginners
Sewing and cutting for advanced

Courses are divided according to a degree of knowledge
Opening of courses is conditioned by a reasonable number of registered persons.

Lessons of language courses contain:
Grammatical exercises + basic conversational themes + drilling and enlarging vocabulary + reading comprehension

Applicants about particular courses can claim an obligatory application in the Municipal library.
Advanced payment of 300 crowns is the part of an obligatory application.
Annulment of the application is not accepted from administrative reasons


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