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Lending and borrowing Code

1. After entering the library the reader presents the reader’s card. Without presenting the reader’s card it is not possible to realize neither a loan nor other library services.

2. Loan period for books, magazines and other documents is one month. The loan period can be extended, if the reader asks for the extension before the original period expires and if the document is not required by another user. Expensive publications, whose getting price is more than 500 crowns, are lent only together with a signed receipt about the loan.
3. The library has the right to shorten the loan period or to lend some documents only as on-site loans (documents in reference libraries, encyclopaedia, collection of regional literature etc)

4. It is forbidden for the user to re-lend the document to other persons. The user is responsible for the document till returning and he or she is required to return the document in the same condition as he or she received it. During borrowing he or she is required to examine the document and all defects have to be immediately reported to the librarian of lending service, otherwise the user shall be made responsible for its damage. If the user returns the document by post, he or she is required to wrap the document properly and send it by registered post. The user is responsible for the parcel until it is accepted by the library and a receipt of return is sent to the user.

5. If the user did not return loans within a time set by the library, he or she will be reminded to return loans and he or she covers fee for reminding and costs connected with delivered reminder notice. In the case that the book is borrowed for more than 100 days and it is not returned (or presented to control), it is not possible to realize another loan.

Fees for reminding are fixed:
1st reminder notice (after 36 days) CZK 10, -
2nd reminder notice (after 50 days) CZK 30, -
3rd reminder notice (after 65 days) CZK 100, -
4th reminding letter (after 80 days) CZK 150, -

6. If reminding rests unsuccessful, the library will be forced to recover a lending document including the costs by the legal action (§ 420 and following ones of Civil Code)

7. The user is required to report the loss or the damage of the document, and to compensate the library for the damage within a time set by the library, in compliance with the Civil Code provision on compensations for unreturned and damaged documents.

8. The method of compensation is subject to decision of the library. It is entitled to demand the same document in the same edition, possibly another edition or financial compensation. In case of determining financial compensation, the price of the document is the same as it was at the time of the loss and the damage. Exceptionally it can require a reprographic copy including its binding in case of precious documents. The user is required to pay 25 crowns for library processing of every lost or damaged document.
9. If the document is not part of the library collection, the library shall – upon the user’s request – arrange an interlibrary loan of the document from another library under valid notice of interlibrary lending service.

10. The library that required the loan through interlibrary loan service and the user that the document was lent are required to preserve conditions set by the library that lent the documents. The user confirms taking of the document by his or her signature and he or she is required to keep lending time of the lending library. If the document required by interlibrary loan service has not been collected, costs that arose to the Municipal library, are compensated by the reader.

11. Work with the internet and CD-ROM is adjusted by special regulations.
12. Access to the internet and CD-ROM in the department for children is only possible for registered readers.

13. Final provisions: Exceptions to the Library Code can be approved by the Director of the Municipal Library in Polička or an accredited employee.

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