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Library users

1. Any person with permanent domicile in the Czech Republic can become a library user. This must be substantiated with a valid card or other valid personal ID. Persons under 15 years of age can become a library reader only with an approval of a legal guardian that presents a valid personal ID or other valid card during registration. Legal entities (organizations) are allowed to use library services through an accredited person. After receiving a user’s card a citizen becomes a library user.
2. The user confirms with his or her signature to comply with regulations of the library code and agrees that his or her personal data in necessary extend important for identification of registered users will be processed and stored in compliance with the law No. 101/2000 Coll. It concerns these data: surname, name, permanent domicile, birth number and a piece of information important for the amount of registration fee (pupil, student, apprentice, working person, unemployed person, senior and handicapped person). Students and apprentices over 18 years of age have to present a study certificate. The Municipal library is obliged to protect personal data from publication.

3. The user library card can be issued to the user on the basis of a registration form and after presenting a valid personal ID. Every reader is obliged to have a separate registration form and reader’s card. For children under 15 years of age a reader’s card can be issued only with the approval of the legal guardian who undertakes guarantee to comply with obligations emerging from the Library Code. Without presenting the reader’s card lending cannot be realized.

4. Validity of the user reader’s card is necessary to be resumed. After issuing or resuming of the card validity the user has to pay a fixed fee, 100 crowns for one year (twelve months). This fee is 50 crowns a month for children under 15 years of age, students, apprentices, seniors and invalid seniors. Seniors over seventy years of age are not obliged to pay this fee.

5. The user is required to report changes in personal data (surname, name, domicile …)

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